Welcome to Intellicass Inc

Our intelligent stamping systems enable our customers to realize tremendous savings in the manufacture of sheet metal stampings. From die-design and FEA simulation, through die try-out to production, our technology will give you the power to move far ahead of the competition.

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What We Do

Intellicass has developed an intelligent variable blank-holder force system that allows precise local material flow control during the deep drawing process. The cost-effective, patented, award-winning technology has been developed in collaboration with automotive OEMs and suppliers, along with university researchers. Based on shop floor runs on actual automotive panels and on estimations based on production data, our systems can generate:

  • 15% reduction in FEA simulation time
  • Up to 80% reduction in die try-out time
  • Savings of $1,000/hour in production runs from material savings and scrap reduction

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