Industrial Partners

Our industrial partners are playing an important role in deploying Intellicass’s exciting technology.




TDM, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company, headquartered in Redford, Michigan, is a prototype and small-volume stamping and fabrication company, with extensive experience in the forming of aluminum parts.

TDM has been actively involved in government research projects related to the development of variable binder force technology, and has successfully integrated ICASS into its die design and try-out process. TDM offers services such as die design, FEA simulation, try-out and prototype production using ICASS technology.




Opal-RT Technologies, based in Montreal, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance real-time computing hardware and software. Opal-RT is partnering with Intellicass to provide the real-time hardware and software environment for the implementation of the control algorithms developed by Intellicass.