ICASS for Try-Out

Cost-effective and reconfigurable system for any press and any die.

ICASS for Production

Affordable bolster-mounted system for immediate deployment in existing stand-alone or tandem-line presses.

Systems are customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.



ICASS for Try-out

Complete blank-holder force actuation system with hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pressure tanks, manifolds with servo-valves, digital control system and customized user interface. The system uses our patented hydraulic force control technology.

  • Base model with 12 hydraulic cylinders (dimensions of a large nitro), each with 7″ (18cm) stroke and a force range of 0.5 – 25 tons.
  • System can be made with different numbers of cylinders and stroke as required (FAQ 1).
  • The tonnage in each cylinder can be independently commanded in 0.25″ (7 mm) intervals of stroke.
  • Easy to install with any die in any press, system has been tested in presses operating at speeds ranging from 7 strokes/min to 17.5 strokes/min.
  • Intuitive user interface – typical operator with basic computer skills such as surfing the net and downloading files can be trained to use the system in one hour.
  • Integration of tonnage monitor and built-in draw die sensors possible.
  • Software has the capability of determining total tonnage at different points in the stroke and comparing it to the press tonnage curve to insure against press overload.

ICASS for Production

The system for production is essentially the same as the try-out version except that it is integrated into a bolster on which the die can be mounted and placed in a press.

  • Software interface is the same as the try-out version, allowing tonnages obtained in try-out to be downloaded to the production system with one click.
  • Software to change tonnages can be limited to authorized personnel using both hardware and software locks.

Click here to see how ICASS can be installed in production.